Conditional deletion in a data set

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Conditional deletion in a data set

Postby patrickpetersen » Wed May 29, 2013 2:14 am

Hello :)
First of all
I have a data set where I have isolated the duplicate values. Now I need to make a conditional deletion of half of them.

I have 3 columns: adr, status and PrimaryLast where adr is the "unique", the status is the one that has to be the condition and PrimaryLast is a column where I checked for duplicates :)

The content of the status is like this: (They are sorted by importance!)
1="Fiber Klar"
2="Fiber mulig"
3="BBU - Fiber mulig"
4="Tomrør klar"
5="BBU - Tomrør klar"
9="Venter på tidsplan"
11="Fiber ikke muligt/projekt udsat"
12="Fiber ikke muligt"
13="Fiber ikke relevant"

For example, the first case:
2300 København S Englandsvej 160, Fiber ikke muligt/projekt udsat
2300 København S Englandsvej 160, Ukendt

There I need to get this data instead: (because the status "Ukendt" is higher than "Fiber ikke muligt/projekt udsat")

2300 København S Englandsvej 160, Ukendt

The .sav file is downloadable here:
Is it possible?

Best regards

Patrick Petersen

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