Cases identical on all but one variable

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Cases identical on all but one variable

Postby HELP ME » Thu Jul 03, 2008 3:08 pm

The problem: Identical cases that vary on one variable.
Example: (consider three variables)

1 John Doe (NAME) 123456789 (PATENT NUMBER) 514 (PATENT CLASS)
2 John Doe (NAME) 123456789 (PATENT NUMBER) 536 (PATENT CLASS)

This is the same patent, which exists in two classes. What I want to do is convert it from two cases to one. It doesn't matter whether or not the Patent class is merged within one cell or two. I just want it to look something like this (so that frequencies are accurate and not inflated by multiple classes):

1 John Doe 123456789 514 536

The end goal is to get an accurate count of how many patents each individual has, and there are too many instances of this example to fix manually.

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