DateDif per Event Per Person

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DateDif per Event Per Person

Postby melissab_data » Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:34 am

Hi there

I am quite new to SPSS, yet have experience in SQL and Excel.

I need to work out the difference in days between each booking date, per account ID.

Data is sorted ASCENDING - Is there an equation/Node i can use in SPSS MODELLER to create a variable for further analysis?

accountId booking_date
12229 26-Jan-15
12229 19-Feb-15
12229 19-Aug-15
12229 19-Aug-15
12229 24-Aug-15
12229 24-Aug-15
12229 13-Oct-15
12229 02-Nov-15
12229 08-Mar-16
18269923 10-Jul-15
18297399 11-Jul-14
18303706 10-Dec-15
18303706 11-Mar-16
18304312 12-Nov-15
18741471 05-Sep-14
18741471 29-Sep-14
18741471 08-Oct-14
18741471 23-Nov-14
18741471 29-Nov-14
18741471 07-Dec-14
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Re: DateDif per Event Per Person

Postby statman » Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:42 pm

Few, including myself, on this forum use Modeler so be patient
See the note below

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