Restructuring Wide to Long

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Restructuring Wide to Long

Postby DAbelingJudge » Sun Jan 29, 2017 10:16 pm

I have a data set with 3099 cases, and am attempting to convert several variables from wide to long form. At present I have 13 annual measures on several topics, and would like to restructure them into 8 new variable groups. The data set also includes a number of time stable variables. I have attempted to use the Restructure Data Wizard, selecting "Restructure selected variables into cases", and specifying more than one variable groups (8).

Under "Variables to be Transposed" I am able to change the names of the Target Variables but when I highlight the specific "Variables in the Current File" and click the arrow to add them to "Variables to be Transposed" nothing happens. I am not able to type the variable names into "Variables to be Transposed" either. The same problem occurs when I only attempt one variable group.

Has anyone experienced this problem? Is my data set too large to restructure?

Thank you.

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