Comparing Ordinal mean scores with Interval mean scores?

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Comparing Ordinal mean scores with Interval mean scores?

Postby clcummings33 » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:42 pm

I have two discrete data sets that I am interested in statistically comparing if possible. The first is a set of expert responses to a survey (N=2) where they were asked to ordinally rank a set of approx. 20 items. The second data set is comprised of public national survey responses to the same items, just this time the public was asked to assess their views of the items on a 7-point interval scale. What can be done to assess similarities/differences between these two groups (experts v. the public) given that the data collection was conducted on different data levels? I have mean ordinal rankings and standard deviations from the first group as well as mean interval scores and standard deviations from the second group. Are there any tests that can be conducted with such distinct datasets? Any way to transform these data sets so that they can be compared? I greatly appreciate any help!

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