Graph data labels

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Graph data labels

Postby Sapiens » Sat Dec 29, 2012 7:57 am

Hello, I have a question in regards to the Hide/Show Data Labels button on the SPSS Chart Editor. Let's say that I am interested in comparing a continuous variables, say "Height", among two groups of people (Gammas and Rammas), that, together, form the categorical variable "Region". When I construct a simple bar graph with "Height" on the y-axis and "Region" on the x-axis i will get two bars, one for Gammas and one for Rammas. Now, upon clicking on Show Data Labels, I have the option to make some numbers appear inside the graph. The options available are "Height" and "Percent" in the "Displayed" window, and Region in the "Not Displayed" window. "Height" and "Percent" are marked as interval variables (the little ruler on the left), and "Region" as categorical (the three circles). My question is: what does "Percent" represent? "Height" will produce a decimal number on the bar that is the same with the mean for that particular distribution. Is 'Percent' the percentage of the Gammas as a portion of the whole population (i.e. Gammas and Rammas? Or does "Percent" represent the percentage only of the Gammas that were included in that particular comparison? Thank you very much for any advice offered. Sincerely, Konstantine

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