Graph output: PDF

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Graph output: PDF

Postby mmhenrot » Sun Apr 02, 2017 8:39 pm

Hello everyone

New to this forum, I hope I'll find the answer to my annoying problem regarding graph output in SPSS (23.0).

I need to make some graphs, e.g. a scatterplot, and include it in a MS Office Word document with left and right margins of 4.0 cm (for the imperial heathens: about 1.5748 in).

I stumble across some problems:

(1) The ratios of graph size vs. font size should remain perfect when copying to the Word document. Given that an A4 page has a width of 21.0 cm, the graph "should" have a width of 13.0 cm. This is about 491 pixels. When I enter this in graph width in the SPSS output window (properties window of the graph), I'd be deceived into believing that it would indeed be 491 pixels ~ 13.0 cm. Yet ...

Pasting the graph in my Word document as an image results in distorted measurements: the graph (image) itself is not 13.0 cm in width. Indeed, in the output window in SPSS, in the lower right corner, it says that it's over about 600 pixels in width.

This problem solved itself: I played with the graph width in the graph properties window until the true width of the image turned out to be 12.99 cm.

(2) The most annoying problem.

I found out that the output is marvellous when exported as PDF: no blur when zooming in, includes real text: very beautiful indeed. When saving an SPSS output graph to an image, the font is as ugly as it could be (I know, I know: Times New Roman. But we're obliged to use it). See attached files: first one is the output file saved as a .tif file, second one is the output file exported as pdf.

However ...

I can't seem to export it satisfyingly into Word.

Does anyone know of some sort of method to copy such scatterplot into Word, with preservation of text and blurless-zoom properties of a graph? (As is the case when exporting to PDF?)

Thank you very much.




TIF export:
PDF export:
PDF export (detail)
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Re: Graph output: PDF

Postby JonPedersen » Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:13 am

Use windows metafile if you want to export to word. It is not perfect but at least a vector format

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