Showing 95% ellipses in combined groups plot in DFA

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Showing 95% ellipses in combined groups plot in DFA

Postby becs111 » Fri Feb 20, 2009 3:56 am

Hi there, I'm analysing some of my data using a discriminant function analysis and on the combined groups plot of the 1st and 2nd disciminant functions I want it to show 95% confidence ellipses/intervals around the centriods (group means). Does anyone know how to do this or even if you can do this in SPSS? And if not, is there some other way that I can test for differences between the group means? (As far as I understand, showing the 95% confidence ellipses is the only way to test for significant differences between groups - groups with non overlapping 95% confidence ellipses are significantly different).

Thanks for your help.

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