Create summary table with multiple clusters

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Create summary table with multiple clusters

Postby komodo » Fri Apr 27, 2012 7:38 pm

Hello SPSS-users.

I have to create umpteen summary tables with multiple clusters like the second table on this google books page: ... &q&f=false

I use the syntax, which doesn't lead to a single table like the one in the book, but to two separate clustered tables (here quality of life by county and gender in table 1 and quality of life by country and age group in a second table; instead of a single table with two clusters).

/TABLES= QOL BY country by gender AgeGroups
/TITLE='Case Summaries'
/CELLS=MEAN count.

I also tried to use an olap cube and split file. But I cannot display all information at once.

Is there a command that allows the creation of a table as shown in the book?

My thanks in advance.

Best, Komodo.

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