Adding a random nested factor (small groups) to mixed ANOVA

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Adding a random nested factor (small groups) to mixed ANOVA

Postby rmaxwel2 » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:02 pm

Hi, all, I'm clinical psychology graduate student, and I'm analyzing my master's data at present. I have a design in which
small groups of participants (random nested factor; roughly 4 to 16 participants per group), were randomly assigned to one of two experimental conditions (fixed b/w subjects factor). Each participant completed measures at four time points (within-subjects factor). Basically, I need to run a nested-design, mixed-model ANOVA.

I've attempted to run this design by using Analyze->Repeated Measures, and then entering syntax for a nested variable, but SPSS says this design isn't allowable. If anybody has suggestions, they would be much appreciated!

Thanks :o

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