Code for transposing multiple fields

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Code for transposing multiple fields

Postby basouille » Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:59 am

Hello everybody,

I am relatively new to scripting with the SPSS Modeler. The answer to my question my actually be very simple, but somehow I can figure out the solution on my own :-/.

I would like to know what is the code so that a transpose node transposes multiple fields (and not only 1...).

I tried the following code:

for f from 1 to 10
var ZZZ
set ZZZ = value ^YYY.output at ^f 1 #### this simply referes to the name of the fields I want to select for transposition
set ^mytransposingnode.transpose_fields = ^ZZZ

The problem is that it only transpose the last field of the "for" sery (the 10th one....). The others do not appear in the list of fields being selected for transposition. :-(

Does anybody knows the remedy to my problem?

Thank you ! :)

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