Updating a Script -- can someone please tell me what to do!

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Updating a Script -- can someone please tell me what to do!

Postby JanJordan » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:04 pm

I recently jumped from SPSS version 13 to version 22. The script I have always used to suppress table statistics in rows with fewer than 5 N is not working. I've made some edits but I know just enough to get myself in trouble. I am posting the script below:

Const CminValue As Integer =5

Sub Main
Dim objOutputDoc As ISpssOutputDoc
Dim objItems As ISpssItems
Dim objItem As ISpssItem
Dim objPivotTable As PivotTable
Dim intCount As Integer
On Error GoTo EH_Main

Set objOutputDoc = objSpssApp.GetDesignatedOutputDoc
With objOutputDoc
End With
Set objItems = objOutputDoc.Items
For intItem = 0 To intCount
Set objItem = objItems.GetItem(intItem)
If objItem.SPSSType = SPSSTitle And objItem.Label = "Title" Then objItem.Selected=True
Next 'intItem
For intItem = 0 To intCount
Set objItem = objItems.GetItem(intItem)
If objItem.SPSSType=SPSSPivot Then
Set objPivotTable = objItem.ActivateTable
Call CellSuppression (objPivotTable ,CminValue)
End If
Next 'IntItem
Exit Sub
Resume Next
End Sub

Sub CellSuppression (objPivot As PivotTable, minValue As Integer)
Dim objColumnLabels As ISpssLabels, objDataCells As ISpssDataCells
Dim CountCols() As Integer
On Error GoTo EH_CellSuppression
ReDim CountCols(0)
CountCols(0) = -1
Set objColumnLabels = objPivot.ColumnLabelArray
Set objDataCells = objPivot.DataCellArray
Dim intNRows As Integer,intNCols As Integer, intCurRow As Integer, intCurCol As Integer
Dim intDataRows As Integer,intNumCounts As Integer
intDataRows = objDataCells.NumRows-1

'First Cache the columns which contain Count statistics
For intCurCol = 0 To intNCols
If objColumnLabels.ValueAt(intNrows,intCurCol)="Count" Then
intNumCounts = UBound(CountCols)
If CountCols(0) <> -1 Then
intNumCounts=UBound(CountCols) + 1
ReDim Preserve CountCols(intNumCounts)
End If
CountCols(intNumCounts) = intCurCol
End If
Next 'intCurCol
If CountCols(0) = -1 Then Exit Sub

For intColSeg=0 To intNumCounts
If intColSeg = intNumCounts Then
intLastColumn = CountCols(intColSeg+1)-1
End If
For intCurRow=0 To intDataRows
With objDataCells
If .ValueAt(intCurRow,intSeekcol) < minValue Then
For intZapCol = intSeekcol+1 To intLastColumn
.ValueAt(intCurRow, intZapCol) = "*"
.HAlignAt(intCurRow, intZapCol) = 1 'SpssAlignRight
Next 'intZapCol
End If
End With
Next 'intCurRow
Next 'intColSeg
Exit Sub
Resume Next
End Sub
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Re: Updating a Script -- can someone please tell me what to

Postby Analyst Techy » Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:34 am

Hi JanJordan

I had a quick look at your code which is very impressive.

I notice that you have not declared all of your variables in your code which is a prerequisite of you Option Explicit declared within your module/unit e.g. these should be possibly declared as follows:
'NEW Menu procedure
Dim intItem As Integer

'NEW Cell Suppression procedure
Dim intColSeg As Integer
Dim intSeekcol As Integer
Dim intLastColumn As Integer
Dim intZapCol As Integer

Also could be a slight difference in the objects library between version 12 and your latest version. Could also be a library referencing problem.
Within the opened script, try the following menu ribbon options Edit>References.

Also with the latest versions of Windows etc you have to be more literal with the calls to objects.

Good luck

Kind regards

Analyst Techy
Analyst Techy

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