Recode into same Variable (date field)

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Recode into same Variable (date field)

Postby aadpors » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:30 pm

In the process of data cleaning I encountered several faulty dates entered in my dataset. Therefore, for specific values in column A (say, Name) I want the date (say, birth date) changed.
The date format is (European). I want for John to change his birth date from 01.01.1989 to 26.03.1989. Julia's birth date is entered correctly.
I tried using Recode into same Variable in combination wit the IF statement restricting the recoding process to John only, but I can't enter the new date as such (only the underlying number would work, which I don't want to calculate for every instance)

How do I go about this?
Can I repeat the same procedure for John, Jane and Jill in one go (different dates)?

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