Matching an event to a week ID

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Matching an event to a week ID

Postby gzrcm » Wed Feb 17, 2016 2:14 pm

Hello forum,

This is my first post so I will try to be as comprehensive as possible. I am currently working with two data sets. One is a weekly snap shot of costs in which each week has a numeric identifier starting in August 2011 to December 2015 (203 weeks). Each snap shot also has a date in which is was taken ie; (04/01/2013). I have used a lag function to compute a snap date out variable that gives me week intervals, this was done to fit the code below. My second data set has a list of events that contain the date in which is the event took place in the same format as previously specified. I am attempting to group events in the second data set into which snap shot interval the belong in the first dataset, either by date or by week identifier.

I have attempted using the following code posted on Raynald's SPSS tools in 2010:

The code I have adapted from the guide is below.

This is also a quick guide to equivalent variables between he guide and my code:
file1= 3763EventsMatch.sav
file2= 3763DateMatch.sav

Code: Select all

GET FILE='O:\Test\Test Data\t3763\3763EventsMatch.sav'. 
VECTOR dt(3). 
COMPUTE dt(idx)=Doc.Date.
   /dt1 TO dt3=FIRST(dt1 TO dt3). 
MATCH FILES /FILE= "O:\Test\Test Data\t3763\3763DateMatch.sav"
   /BY id.
VECTOR dt=dt 1 TO dt3.
LOOP #idx=1 TO 3. 
    DO IF RANGE(dt(#idx),snap_date_in,snap_date_out).
        COMPUTE idx=#idx.
    END IF. 
I keep getting an error at the Aggregate stage where I receive this message;

Code: Select all

>Warning # 525
>An attempt was made to store a value into an element of a vector the subscript
>of which was missing or otherwise invalid.  The subscript must be a positive
>integer and must not be greater than the length of the vector.  No store can
I am unable to make the vector function. However, I am also not convinced that this code may be the most efficient solution. Any help or advice on resolving the error or an alternative syntax would be greatly appreciated.


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