Hot deck macro error - help needed

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Hot deck macro error - help needed

Postby simG » Thu Feb 25, 2016 5:45 pm


I'm trying to use Kirill's macro ( for hot deck imputation on SPSS 23.
Here is my macro run:

Code: Select all

!hotdeck  var= S73 S81 S85 S86 S87 S92 S93 S95 S96 S97 /*Numeric variable with missing cases
         /bgvars= group gender educatio /*Numeric categorical background variables
                  /*on which to match missing cases with other, name-by-name
         /samp= REPLACE /*Seek to use donor only once (RESTRREPLACE, default),
                        /*or allow repeated usage (REPLACE).
I'm getting the following error:
A variable with this name already defined.
Text: imput_S73 command:apply dict
I can't find anywhere an explanation or solution to the problem. Can anyone help?

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