spss Weekend and Weekdays

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spss Weekend and Weekdays

Postby Kraziion » Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:27 pm

i have a task which is to do the following;

3. We might hypothesise that tweets posted at the weekend tend to come from accounts with fewer followers than those posted during the week because highly followed accounts represent professionals and organisations, who are less active during the weekend. Using the appropriate SPSS function, calculate a new variable, called WkDay_WkEnd, that codes tweets according to whether they were posted on a working week day (value = 1) or weekend day (value = 2).Then run a suitable difference test to test the hypothesis.

Which spss function would i use to do that?

I have a variable which labels the DayOfWeek from 1 to 7. i guess i would have to use that to somehow split the values to say 1= monday, tuesday... and 2= sun and sat. and then just take the SUM of tweets. however im unsure how to do that.

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