Restructuring data: Put each case on a row

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Restructuring data: Put each case on a row

Postby cdicksoc2 » Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:01 pm

I need some help restructuring my data in SPSS. Usually in the raw data each variable/coloumn is a different question, however the system I am using is giving me output the opposite way. Var 1 = all questions in the survey. Var 2 = all answers in the survey. Var 3 and 4 are Store and City # and Var 6 is the actual primary key for each respondent.

How do I get it so that all questions in Var 1 become new columns/variables and the answers go along with them for variables 2,3,4,5. var 6 is the primary key so that should be the case number. I tried getting using the restructure wizard and the closest I got is putting all cases and questions in order. I think the restructure wizard should do it, i am just unclear how to use that feature.

Any ideas?
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