Querying string variable > 255 bytes

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Querying string variable > 255 bytes

Postby spsspsyc » Sat Aug 25, 2012 3:26 am


I am trying to get a string variable greater than 255 bytes from SQL to SPSS 13. The following syntax successfully sets the default string width listed in Variable View to 1000, but in Data View, the text as remains as truncated as it was under the default setting. When using the syntax below, I do see that additional spaces (lots of them) have been added to the right of the text, though.

Am I missing something? I appreciate any help you all can provide. Thank you!

'DSN=cpResearchDB; UID=; APP=SPSS For Windows; DATABASE=cpResearchDB;'
/SQL= 'SELECT "trc"."ResearchID" AS "ResearchID", "trc"."Condition", "dbo".getTxtNum(tblDoSS.assessmentkey,tblDoSS.sequence,11346) AS "DoSSSt" '
'FROM "tblAssessmentKey" INNER JOIN "tblResearchClients" "trc"'
' ON "trc"."ResearchID"="tblAssessmentKey"."ResearchID" INNER JOIN "tblDoSS" ON "tblAssessmentKey"."AssessmentKey"="tblDoSS"."assessmentkey" '

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