Inhouse SPSS syntax training in the UK

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Inhouse SPSS syntax training in the UK

Postby watfordfc » Thu Oct 11, 2012 2:22 pm

One-day course consists of:
Starting with syntax - why use SPSS syntax, the basics of writing and running syntax; determining when your command runs
Some simple SPSS commands - opening and saving files, describing data via frequencies, descriptives and crosstabs
Reading data into SPSS from other formats - handling text format, Excel format data,
Defining and documenting data, variable names, variable labels, value labels, missing value, formatting data
Creating new variables - recoding, computing, count, performing calculations on subsets via DO IF - END IF, making multiple calculations using DO REPEAT loops
Manipulating cases - selecting subsets of data for analysis, filtering files, splitting files, sorting cases
Manipulating files - aggregating files, restructuring files, matching files, adding cases, updating files
Data Management: a worked example - best practice for creating and managing a complex data set

More info at:

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