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Postby andris » Thu Feb 19, 2009 7:34 pm

This forum is setup by SPSS users in their spare time without any third party sponsorship. Maintaining the forum does not only cost time, but also money. We have to pay for the domain name and the hosting costs. Since we have pretty much visitors 500+ on weekdays, we need a decent hosting package. This costs us about 20 dollars per month. Next to that we would like to invest in more sophisticated forum software which should make hacking and spamming more hard.

On this forum there are two ways we use to raise money to pay these costs.

The first is banner ads for visitors that are not logged in. Those ads do not raise too much money, but it is enough to pay the costs of our two domain names ( en

The second way is a donate button for registered users. If the forum has helped you working with SPSS, you could make a donation to cover our costs. We received donations from:
  • user pvalue
  • anonymous
  • anonymous
Thank you for being so generous!

PS: Whenever you make a donation I will give you the choice to be named here.

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