Can I get multiple rows in 1 graph?

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Can I get multiple rows in 1 graph?

Postby gielekee » Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:41 pm


This is my first time I'm using SPSS. We let over 1000 people fill in a survey and i have all data in spss. The problem is that it's not filled in correctly but to change all that will take way too much time. So i was wondering if i could get multiple rows in a graph. These questions were yes or no questions. Yes is 1, no is 0. I only want the yes answers in my graph. There is no need for the 'no' answers.


I hope this graph will help you because i can't explain properly. So what I finally want is a graph with bars. For example. V10NuDummieApp1 (first row in image) has 200 yes and V10FaceDummieApp2 has 100 yes. I want to get a graph with bars where the first bar is 200 and the second 100 etc.

If it's possible I would like to combine it with age as well.

I would appreciate it if you guys could help me out here.

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