two values categories of each variable in SPSS

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two values categories of each variable in SPSS

Postby Mamdouh » Sun May 04, 2014 10:30 pm


I have a research about the key influencing factor in the construction industry in my country. I have distributed a questionnaire consist of 50 variable. For Each variable, there are two questions about the current strength and the other about importance of this variable for future development. So, each respondent will answer 100 questions about the 50 factors ( 50 about strength and other 50 about future importance)

Now, how can I apply factor analysis in SPSS for two different values? I mean for strength the values as follows:
0: very low
1: low
2: medium
3: high
4: very high

While they For importance, as follow:
-2: must not to have
-1: important not to have
0: neutral
1: important to have
2: must to have

Also, what about the respondent info such as years of experience and specialty ? How to correlate them to the analysis?

Thank you again for your help & support.

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