MANOVA analysis??

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MANOVA analysis??

Postby Lynnbo72 » Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:37 am

Please help Urgently? :roll:
Hi. I'm new to this but I really need help. I have conducted a study investigating adolescents risk behaviours between peers online. I have 2 independent variables, age (4 levels; 16-19) and gender (2 levels) I have 2 dependent variables; risk scores (2 levels: sent and requested), and Knowledge scores (2 levels; knowledge and no knowledge). I wanted to investigate associations between age, gender and risk scores, and inferences between knowledge scores and risk scores, and I was wanting to conduct a MANOVA as I thought this was the most appropriate test, does anyone know if this was the right decision and how to go about it? I should stress that my age and gender populations are not normally distributed!

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