MaNOVA on long data format

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MaNOVA on long data format

Postby mabaja » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:32 pm

Hi everybody,

I need to run repeated measures MANOVA on long data format (the format was created to derive a categorical variable that is needed to be used as IV). Running RM MANOVA on long data format using a command Analyze>General Linear Model>Repeated Measures with 1 within-subject factor that has 2 levels and 1 between subject factor (2 levels), does not seem to be appropriate (?) since information on subject is missing (transformation to long format increases n number and I cannot find an option to include ‘the real’ n number).
In order to include information on the subject I while running MANOVA I read that I would need to use mixed model (command: Analyze>Mixed Models>Linear), but in fact there is no option to include 2 dependent variables (spss accepts only 1 dependent variable).
Would you have any suggestion on how to run repeated measures MANOVA on long data format?

I would very thankful for any suggestion or hint.

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