Multi-response variables syntax

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Multi-response variables syntax

Postby djphilthy » Fri Jan 30, 2015 12:27 pm

Hi, I have a fairly basic syntax request which I'm sure someone can help me with:

I have multi response data stored in two different ways in two different data files. So, for a Multi response question with 6 responses I have:

In file 1, 6 binary variables, 1 for each possible response, coded as yes / no

In file 2, 6 variables including the whole codeframe, so essentially, these are giving me the first mention, second mention, third mention etc.

What I need to do is convert the data in file 2 to match the data format in file 1. I can do it "long-hand" using some Excel if(or(a1=1, b1=1 etc)g1=1,0) formula, however I need to be able to do it and repeat a number of times so this is very time consuming. There must be some syntax for this?


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