Which analysis should I use?

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Which analysis should I use?

Postby Normzkhi » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:05 am

Hello, I need help in analysing my data results. I carried out experiments with 3 rice varieties with 3 treatments and 4 replications. I collected data on tiller numbers, plant heights, yield, biomass and Phosphorus contents on day 45 and day 65. The problem is that I planted 3 plants of the same variety in each of the pots because of destructive sampling carried out on day 45, day 65 and harvesting day. I would like to know which statistical analysis should I go for to fit my experiment? As I want to know the results obtained are not because of the competition effects caused the plants in the pots. Should I go for the Duncan?Tukey? or Nested ANOVA. Thank you.

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