SPSS CASESTOVARS Command for repeated measures

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SPSS CASESTOVARS Command for repeated measures

Postby Felenor » Sat Apr 01, 2017 7:11 pm

Hey everybody,

I have a question for a repeated measurement experiment. We investigate the effect of Attachment Style (IV) on Sexual Interest (DV) with 4 mood conditions (IV/Moderator). The IV is a questionnaire pack prior to the 4x sessions (Moderator & DV). The same subjects are in all sessions.

I'd like to do a mixed ANOVA for that, but have trouble merging the datasets. Each variable is in a seperate dataset, and the DV is in the long-format - the other two are in wide format, so I have to restructure first.

I am trying to use the aggregate & restructure command like this

/BREAK=OStarget mood Code


But its giving me error warnings as I do not have a unique index case or trial identifier. I have currently 32 lines per case (ID), 8x DV questionnaire, and 4x the repeated measure of "Mood" (IV/Moderator) in 4 possible mood states.

Is there an alternative to the CASESTOVARS command?

If I do not use an index in CASESTOVARS, its giving me 32x new variables per variable. The only alternative I see right now is aggregating scores of the DV according to my IV & moderator, and the nmanually deleting the other cases...

Thanks in advance!
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