Liket scale help for newie

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Liket scale help for newie

Postby skyblue1280 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 11:59 am

Can someone please help me. I am new to spss and I would like the frequency of my liket scale - I am analysing all the factors that are important to people. Where do I go on spss please. Here is an example. I have labelled to 5 scales as 1-5 in value for each one.

Thank you

If you have shopped in Topshop/Zara stores please fill in if not leave blank. When shopping in retail stores. What are the following most important factors in Topshop/Zara stores? Optional

Extremely important


Moderately important

Somewhat important

Not important

To try on clothes on before you buy

Friendliness of the staff

Cleanliness of the store

Able to ask questions about the product before purchasing

The way the atmosphere of the store is

Not having long queues to pay for product

The fitting room environment

Layout of the shop floor

Aftersales service


Offers returns or exchange

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