2-way ANOVA with no results

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2-way ANOVA with no results

Postby bergen1 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:18 am


I want to perform a 2-way ANOVA in SPSS and for some reason do not get significance values for one of my within-subject factors.

I basically perform the steps as described e.g. here: https://statistics.laerd.com/spss-tutorials/two-way-repeated-measures-anova-using-spss-statistics.php

I have 20 subjects (each one represented in one line); and two within-subject factors: scene and zone. The data is of Type 'Comma' and Measure 'Scale'.

One row is organized as follows: scene1-zone1 ; scene1-zone2 ; scene1-zone3 ; scene2-zone1 ; scene2-zone2; scene2-zone3

In the output file, in the 'test of wihtin-subjects factors' I only get '-' as the result in the table, same goes for Error(Scene). For the other factor, I get a proper result.

The beginning of the document states the following warning: 'The HOMOGENITY specification in the PRINT subcommand will be ignored because there are no between-subject factors'. However, I think this can be ignored, can't it!?

What seems to be the reason not getting results for both factors? I greatly appreciate any help.

Thanks a lot
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Re: 2-way ANOVA with no results

Postby statman » Sat Jun 10, 2017 4:38 pm

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