Matching case with control

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Matching case with control

Postby paulinespss » Thu Jul 20, 2017 2:14 pm

hi everyone,

hope someone can help me on this issue:

i want to performe a case control analysis with SPSS 20.

folowing this proceedure:

i have create a case controle variable
i have download and install Rx64 2.12
i have dowload and install SPSS_Statistics_R_Essentials_20.0_Win64
i have dowload and install SPSS_Statistics_PythonEssentials_20002_win64
i have dowload and install in SPSS FUZZY.spe extension

i want to pair each case with a control, matching them on 2 variables:
1. age
2. body mass index

as i have 202 cases, i shoul have 1:3 matchs.

I then did this:

data/case control matching:

the syntaxe is:

DATASET ACTIVATE Ensemble_de_données1.
FUZZY BY=age_A bmi SUPPLIERID=numero_dossier NEWDEMANDERIDVARS=ID_de_correspondance
GROUP=variable_cas_témoins FUZZ=0.1 0.1 EXACTPRIORITY=FALSE

when i run the syntax the following message appears:
>Erreur # 6886. Name of the command : BEGIN PROGRAM
>external programm can't be charged.
>executio n of the command stop.
Load library from InvokePython failed.

Any idea how can i solve this problem?

many thanks


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