Transforming complex variables

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Transforming complex variables

Postby chelspea » Tue Jul 25, 2017 9:03 pm

I am using SPSS 24, analyzing survey data.

The survey questions I am dealing with are structured like this:
Step 1:
Q1. Do you have any of the following things? Select all that apply.
Thing 1
Thing 2
Thing 63

Step 2:
Survey randomly assigns up to 4 things selected in Q1 in 4 separate variables:
Random assignment 1
Random assignment 2
Random assignment 3
Random assignment 4

Step 3:
36 attributes are listed for each of the 4 randomly assigned things (the same 36 attributes each time) and respondents check a box if they believe the attribute aligns with the thing.

I've attached an SPSS file with an example of what these data look like.
example file.sav
I'm struggling to come up with an efficient way to analyze this data. I'd like to be able to see which things are most frequently assigned which attributes. As the dataset is currently structured, Random assignment 1 aligns with the first set of 36 attributes, random assignment 2 aligns with the second set of 36 attributes, etc. I don't know how to combine these variables so that I am analyzing each thing all at once, rather than 4 separate times.

I appreciate any insight anyone has.

Thanks in advance!

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