std error of the difference - is it the same as SD?

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std error of the difference - is it the same as SD?

Postby openminded87 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:06 pm

Hi there,

just hoping someone can help me on a minor topic.

Having done a independent samples t -test and reporting the results, I wish to write mean diff +- variation, but the output gives me std error of the difference not the SD.

below is the revelent output from spss.

I wish to write "Independent samples t-test shows a significant mean difference of -33.52 ± dB HL (t = -23.727(44.566); p < .000) between children with typical hearing and children who use bilateral cochlear implants. "

Do I have to convert std error of the difference to SD, or can I write the 1.4127 directly in? If not, how do I convert or calculate the SD?

Thanks in advance
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