Merging Data files

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Merging Data files

Postby wust3nfuchs » Fri Jan 05, 2018 7:38 pm

I have SPSS 25 on a mac.
I have 2 files.
I am trying to add variables from a bigger file (more cases/rows) to a smaller one.
The active data set is the smaller file.
I choose One-to-one merge based on key values.
Under Variables i pick the keyed look up table from the inactive dataset (+) as the key variable.
After I merge I get all all the cases from the active dataset (smaller file) merged with the variables and empty rows for the extra cases in the bigger file which were not included in the smaller file.
I tried to pick the active dataset keytable ast lookup table however it doesnt work. Doesnt matter what I do I end up sorting asceding and delete the empty rows i get.
IS it a bug ?
Can somebody please explain me what's going on and how I fix this?

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