Data Input Experiment

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Data Input Experiment

Postby Aguero91 » Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:45 am

Hello everyone. I'm new here and I need some information on how to enter data on SPSS. I am Italian student of neuropsychology and shortly I will have to take an examination of statistical analysis. In my case, I and two of my colleagues have conducted an experiment about our body language's influence in making some decisions. Subjects were told that the experiment in question concerned the way in which blood pressure could affect data logging. Each subject was rewarded 2€ in the moment they entered the lab for participating. Specifically, we subjected 50 individuals to the following study: each subject was in the laboratory, was asked to assume a posture or power or submission for 2 minutes (each subject only assumed a type of posture, or for power or submission) . After 1 minute of posture the pressure was recorded through an electronic meter on the wrist. Immediately afterwards for another minute he resumed the position of the first, and again after the 2 minutes, he was once again recorded the pressure. He was told to assume that posture so that the blood could better flow through his body. After two minutes, he was being asked to decide whether to bet on heads or tails with a coin: if he won, he would have won another 2 euro. If he lost, it would have also lost 2 euro earned thanks to the simple participation in the experiment.
Having made the decision, it was administered a test on a few minutes of gambling. End of experiment.

Our goal is to assess whether the power posture assumed by the participants could influence the choice of betting and risk, to the detriment of that of submission. Raw data are clear. It is clear that our hypothesis was confirmed. Only that we are experiencing trouble inserting data into SPSS. In summary, we have 50 subjects, male and female (not important), 25 subjects took the posture of power, the other 25 submissive posture. For each subject we also have if he has accepted to bet or not. Pressure data isn't important and it won't be in our analysis.
Which analyzes we perform to verify the hypothesis? and how we should enter the data?
Thank you so much for your patience and availability, and apologize in advance for my English. See you soon.
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Re: Data Input Experiment

Postby statman » Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:07 pm

Lets make sure I understand: Each subject enters the lab 1 at a time and is told to assume a position that is held for 1 minute then you take a reading. This is repeated, I believe, 3 times. Right? Then another subject enters and the process is repeated?

Each subject is rewarded but this doesn't affect the process only as a behavior/participation reward. Right?

If I read you right then enter the data by subject with the variables like "position_a" then "reading_a" then "position_b" then "reading_b" "position_c" then "reading_c"

If not understanding then need more clarity

Also .............
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Re: Data Input Experiment

Postby Aguero91 » Tue May 09, 2017 12:30 pm

Really thank you for the Reply.
Not precisely Statman.
Let me explaine :)
Each subject enters the lab 1 at a time and is told to assume a position that is held for 3 minutes.
Two groups: one will hold a power pose. Second will hold a depressed pose.
Reward will given in the moment subject come in the lab, so it will be the first thing, but as you said, does not affect the process.
Experiment: group 1 - before the power pose, reading of skin conductance at resting start for about 5 minuts for the assestment. Meanwhile, the subject will compilate a VAS scale for power feeling and self-efficacy in that moment. Then i leave subject alone in the room after I told him to assume that power position. Three minuts passes. I come into lab and read the second skin conductance index to evaluate the changing.
After that I ask the subject to choose if he wants to bet in a game of roll of die the reward (2€) to win 4€ or to lose all, Or take simply the 2€ and choose to not bet.
Group 2 - same as the 1, except for the pose.

My goal is to evalute if the first group will bet more than the 2 group in accord with the feeling of power determinated by the posture.
Also, if the first group will increase feeling of power (VAS data) more than the second group.
And also, if skin conductance of the second group will increase from before the posture to after the posture, in accord with the hypothesis that Stress and Depression is correlated to high value of the skin conductance. And then compare skin conductance data with the first group to evalute if it is due to the posture.

Ps: obiouvsly the subjects are blind for the posture. It will say them that the posture is for a correct registration of the skin conductance index. Not named power or depression or something else.
Thank you for your response.

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