Repeated Measures ANOVA Data

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Repeated Measures ANOVA Data

Postby max2508 » Sun Apr 07, 2013 8:50 pm


I want to run a repeated measures ANOVA to identify the effect of video analysis on tactical understanding in youth footballers. I have one experimental group who received the video analysis and one control group that did not.

At the beginning of my study all the participants completed a Tactical Skills Inventory for Sports Questionnaire. This questionnaire is made up of four sub-scales which define tactical skills, they are -

Knowing about ball actions - four questions
Knowing about others - five questions
Positioning and deciding - nine questions
Acting in changing situations - four questions

At the end of my study another questionnaire was completed by both groups. I have calculated the mean scores for each participant in each of the sub-scales both pre and post the video analysis, but I do no know how to enter this data into SPSS in order to run the test to identify if the video analysis had any effect on the scores recorded in the four sub-scales mentioned above.

Can anyone provide some advice?

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