Input of Rankings Data

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Input of Rankings Data

Postby simsius » Tue Feb 09, 2016 2:23 pm


I want to input the data containing rankings. The problem is, that these rankings are related, however, at the same time they are separated.

My research is on basketball referees development over 8 years, and the rankings are used to determine how good the referee is. I am looking for how quick the referees progress through the divisions, if they get moved down do they comeback and various different patterns in their career trajectories.

I am going to use each season's rankings position for each referee. The problem is that there are three different divisions of ranked referees. First one has around 25 referees, second 30, third around 60. I was thinking to write the rankings this way: first - division number, then position. For example, first referee in division 1 would be ranked as 101; 15th referee in division three would be 315. However, I'm not sure if the data would be correlated well because there are so many empty positions between the divisions as there are less than a hundred referees in each division.

How would you suggest to put in the data to SPSS?

Thank you for the help!

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