Linking Questions

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Linking Questions

Postby SPSS Newbie » Tue Feb 23, 2016 11:42 am

was hoping someone could help me with a question I have in regards to the software SPSS.

I have not used the software before, so its all new to me and am trying to use it to produce graphs and stats for questionnaires I have carried out.

Question In my questionnaire I have questions which are dependent on a previously asked question and wanted to know how do I create the link between the two.

Example (just a random example created)

Q1) What for of transport do you use to travel to work?
a) Car b) Bus c) Walk

Q2) ...


Q4) If answered car, how many hours do you drive per day?
a) 1-3hrs b)3-6hrs c)6+hrs

Q5) If answered bus or walk, how long does the journey take you?
a) 1-3hrs b)3-6hrs c)6+hrs

How can I make the link between Q1 and Q4 as well as Q1 and Q5, because if they answered car they will not be answering Q5 leaving the questionnaire blank.

Hope this makes sense.
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Re: Linking Questions

Postby GerineL » Wed Feb 24, 2016 8:55 am

it is not clear what kind of "link" you want to make. What analyses do you plan to carry out? What research question are you trying to answer? etc.

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