Data Cleaning for "Inappropriates"

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Data Cleaning for "Inappropriates"

Postby Glencoeji95 » Thu Mar 24, 2016 5:40 pm

I am using SPSS 13 for a data file which contains lots of nominal data and some quantitative data. I am taking a series of 19th century letters and coding them, thus much of my data is qualitative in nature rather than quantitative. Many of my variables begin with a question i.e.: "V101 - Weather Mentioned?" 1- Yes, 2-No." "V102" What Weather Mentioned?" with Value labels such as: 1 - Cold/Snow; 2- Rainy; 3 - Fine Weather; 4 - Hot/Dry Weather; etc. If a case no. mentions "weather" than I choose the appropriate value label and go on. But, many letters do not mention weather and then I apply the label "88 - Inappropriate." Thus in my data file, which now has 475 letters, I may have many "inappropriate's." When I do a simple frequency or descriptive statistical run (I lack the syntactical expertise of code writers to do anything more advanced) the output statistics usually shows all the categories checked and then at the bottom the "inappropriate's." My question is this: How can I run a simple frequency or descriptive analysis that will remove the "88"s" and show the percentages and cum percentages for just those cases that mentioned weather? Furthermore, is there anyone in the SPSS cloud that has experience with qualitative data in the area I am researching? Please note: I am a visual learner and not linear learner; so, clear examples would be greatly appreciated. Your help is appreciated.
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Re: Data Cleaning for "Inappropriates"

Postby GerineL » Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:12 am

look at some youtube clips for the select cases command.

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