Qualtrics Randomization: How to order my data into different conditions

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Qualtrics Randomization: How to order my data into different conditions

Postby raphayanna » Thu May 26, 2016 6:19 pm

Hello everyone,

I am finishing on my Bachelor thesis for Psychology and I have some questions concerning my SPSS data (which originated from a Qualtrics online questionnaire). Our research required creating 3 different conditions that were "randomized" by Qualtrics to ensure we would have approximately equal number of participants in all 3 conditions. However, as I have downloaded the dataset into a .sav file it turns out to be a chaotic mess of data. Most of it I can sort by myself, however I have a question concerning the 3 conditions.
The only way right now by which i can see in which condition someone was is by looking at 3 questions in my dataset called: Q38 (condition 1), Q42 (condition 2), Q 46 (condition 3). The responses in SPSS to these question are "1" (participant was in this condition) or "0" (participant was not in this condition). So every participant will score a "1" on 1 of these 3 questions and a "0" on the other two.
What i need is participants to be ordered by 1 new variable called "condition" which will have a value ranging from "1" to "3", ordering participants by that variable in stead of 3 separated variables.

I hope that someone understands what I mean and can tell me how to do so. That would be amazing since I really need this dataset to finish my thesis.


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