How to analyse characteristics of a population

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How to analyse characteristics of a population

Postby zwaluw » Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:46 am


It would be great if you could point out what analyses I need to use. Thanks a lot in advance!

I have a data-set of variables on 63 firms (independent variables) and preferences of these firms to collaborate with another firm (dependent variables).

I have completed analyzing the main and moderating effects. But now I'd like to provide more insight that is of interest for practice, for the managers of these firms.

I'd like to analyze:

1a) what the characteristics are of the firms that were taken into the mixed model to measure main effects.

1b) Can you also analyse these characteristics for firms of which the standard error was low (so actual values close to estimated values), and compare them with firms of which str. error was high?

2) what the characteristics are of the firms when you take just one variable and its descriptive statistics. For instance: you take alliance experience as a variable. The mean alliance experience is 4 (4 prior alliances). Then I'd like to know: looking at all these that on average had 4 prior alliances, how much do these firms spend on research and development (R&D)? It would be ideal to see a sort of visualization showing, for instance, that around the average of 4 alliances, firms were spending rather much on R&D, while firms with many prior alliances, were not spending much on R&D.

Thanks again, hope you can help!

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