New variable from values of .csv column headings?

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New variable from values of .csv column headings?

Postby myna » Fri Sep 30, 2016 1:26 pm

I have an experimental dataset in .csv format that includes 36 variables/columns (0-35) measuring participant responses over time. The column headings are numeric (0, 1, 2, etc.) and each represents the response during a 50ms time period. So column 0 represents the participant response at 0ms, column 1 at 50ms, column 2 at 100ms, etc., through column 35 which represents 1750ms.

I have syntax that gets the actual response times into SPSS in long format. I now need syntax to create a 'timepoint' variable, so that each response time has corresponding information about the time point at which it occurred.

In order to do this, I could:

1. ask SPSS to make a variable by repeating values 0-35 until the end of the data

2. ask SPSS to make a variable directly from the column headings

I am not sure how to do either of those things, or which would be best, and would be very grateful for advice. I am using SPSS 21.

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