Time series analysis (method)

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Time series analysis (method)

Postby aminuj » Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:49 pm

Hi, guys so I'm working on functional MRI data (4D data). so I have two groups (group 1 has 26 subjects and group 2 has 26 subjects).
Brain signals were measured for EACH subject in both groups, so as it stands each subject has 100 signal readings. So time would be x axis 0 - 100 seconds. and the Y axis would be the varying signal intensity e.g 222.54, 150.24, 231, 111,12... (no units).

So my questions is what type of SPSS analysis can I carry out? I assume a regression of some sort and I've also heard something about autocorrelation. My supervisor says the intensity maxima or maxima(how big one group signal is in comparison to another) is not itself the important thing but how the intensity reading is changing over time so from e.g at 1 sec:123.32 intensity, 2 sec: 156.54 ... etc.

WIth this info, I would appreciate suggestions people might have. how can the difference in intensity reading of one group be used to see if it is statistically similar to the other group?

All videos I've seen on youtube seem to discuss time series when looking to predict a future trend, while I'm NOT looking to estimate what the 101 - 110th signal intensities might be. I just need to analyse what I have and determine are the two groups statistically different.

Thanks in advance..

PS I'm a complete beginner to SPSS but I know basic stats.

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