Conversion string data to numeric data

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Conversion string data to numeric data

Postby Tephie » Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:26 am

Hi All,

I am currently working on a survey with more than 300 responses. My professor asked me to try SPSS instead of MINITAB for a stepwise regression, and then a Poisson Regression.

For MINITAB I did not have to convert my data, i.e. my data is currenrly formatted in words that represent the answers. For SPSS, I have to convert the words (string) into numeric data. I know the function exists within SPSS to convert the data; however, I am not sure whether this is the best method. Lots of questions had to be answered referring to a timeline (30 minutes, day, week, month, 6 months, year, two years or more, never). And some questions referred to categories, e.g. training type (classroom, on a PC/laptop, on-the-job).

How can I convert the data accurately? I am concerned that a "1" representing "30 minutes" in one question, obviously does not match a "1" that represents "classroom training".

Is there a way of doing that manually or are my concerns without any reason?

Thanks all!

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