Repeated data points within the same level of a factor.

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Repeated data points within the same level of a factor.

Postby kate » Mon Mar 23, 2009 4:32 pm


I wish to use SPSS to do a 3 factor mixed ANOVA of a large set of data. The between subjects variable is sex (2 levels) and within are context (2 levels) and time delay (7 levels). For each context at each delay, the subjects repated the experiment twice, therefore I'd like to include both sets of data for each context-delay combination rather than simply entering a mean of the two. As far as I can see, it appears that you can only add one value per level. I'm not keen to add the mean of two data sets the error value of the entire set will become distorted when the subject sets are pooled.

Is there any way in that I can enter the entire set of raw data and select more than one column when assigning the variables to the levels of a factor (i.e. factor1,1 two colums assigned)?

I'd greatly appreciated any help as my analyses have ground to a halt due to this problem.

Many Thanks,

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Re: Repeated data points within the same level of a factor.

Postby nivvle » Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:59 am

I'm facing a similar challenge. Although I'm totally NOT an expert on this function, Linear Mixed Models allow you to flexibly design a model, with multiple factors (which can be nested). In your case, it seems to me that you need to add another (within) factor, which is the replication/measurement occasions or whatever you want to call it.

I'm not sure but based on what you say, you're using 'GLM Repeat Measures' in SPSS, which is less flexible. However, it might still be possible with that function by adding another factor, like I mentioned.

Hope that is of any help, good luck!

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