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Postby HealthAnalyst-Martin » Mon Dec 05, 2011 8:28 pm


I’m somewhat baffled by the CASESTOVARS command in how it would be applied to my data and some help would be very much appreciated.

I’ve got a dataset that includes the Date, a Hospital Site, the Unit, the Number of Patients (for the day and combination), the Number of Procedures Patients (for the day and combination), and the Cost Patients (for the day and combination).
I’m trying to restructure my dataset so that I can combine the Hospital Site and the Unit as a column for the patients, procedures and costs.
As a quick demonstration, my data look like this currently:
Date Hospital_Site Unit Number_of_Patients Procedures Cost
1/1/2011 General Neurology 40 25 $120,000
1/1/2011 General Cardiac 30 15 $90,000

I want to transform it to:
Date Gen-Neuro-Patients Gen-Neuro-Procedures Gen-Neuro-Cost Gen-Cardio-Patients Gen-Cardio-Procedures…
1/1/2011 40 25 $120,000 30 15
Generally, I’m trying to rearrange my dataset so my hospital and unit are grouped to show the patients, procedure and costs for each day so I can use the ARIMA model in the forecasting suite on my data if that helps.
My operating system is Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise and my SPSS version is 20

Thanks in advance. Don’t be afraid to dumb it down a lot…


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