Unique identifier variable : urgent!

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Unique identifier variable : urgent!

Postby tcsd » Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:56 am


we have some problems with spss and need some urgent help (its for our thesis).

we have a datafile in spss ordered as a case control set 1: 10. (1197 cases)
we also have another dataset with 5388 cases, not ordered as a case control set.

Now, we need some variables from the big dataset (5833 cases) to put in the dataset with 1197 cases. (automatically adjusted to the case control)
We tried already with 'merge files' and you have to add a unique identifier variable. How do you do that ? I know you have to have a variable in each dataset with the same name, but we have different variables in each dataset, some are the same but not unique !!

Can someone explain this easily please ? (we are not experts in spss...)

HELP :) !!

Greetz !!
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Re: Unique identifier variable : urgent!

Postby tcsd » Mon Apr 30, 2012 11:40 am

after searching and searching on the internet I was finally able to import the variables in the dataset.

i made a new variable 'ID number' and used that one as unique identifier variable.
BUT now i have a new problem.
He didn't matched it right. he just putted the 5833 cases from the one dataset next to the other which means
the other +- 11000 cases have dots.

and if this aint enough trouble, the 5833-dataset has no information about the 0-deals (the 11000cases) so
as the matter of fact, it is impossible to match these cases ? because there is no info in one dataset...

I hope you understand a little bit what im trying to say here....

the matching went wrong (i thought maybe I could use an extra key variable, but there is NO unique variable anymore except the ID number which i made by myself°.

and What about the 0-deals matching with information that doesnt exist in the 5833-databse...

HELP² !!!

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Re: Unique identifier variable : urgent!

Postby GerineL » Tue May 08, 2012 11:47 am

I don;t know what you mean by "case control set 1: 10".

so what I understand is you have 2 datasets.
In one of these datasets there are more people (or whatever your unit of analysis is) than in the other.
you want to merge the variables of set B with the varaibles of set A, of those people that are in set A.

So do you hae some kind of ID variable, if so, describe them.
e.g., casenumber.

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