Organising data from Cellcounting (amount, area, size etc.)

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Organising data from Cellcounting (amount, area, size etc.)

Postby AlexMusclefibre » Wed May 23, 2012 12:27 pm

Hi everbody,

I just started to do the statistics for my doctoral thesis.
I have 45 patients where we examine changes in musclefibres under the microscope using immunofluoresence (amount of fibres, different fibres types, perimetre/feret and area). The specimen is acquired from four different levels of the vertrebral column, which means 4 different microscope slides per patient. Each of this slides is examined in three different areas on the same slide for statistical reasons.

There are three different fibre types in the human body and the analysing is done for each fibre population separetely, due to the staining technique, but on the same area. (one raw image for fibre type1, one raw image for fibre type 2a, one raw image for fibre type 2x). The measurements of each of this raw-images is done by the image analysing software ImageJ.
The table from Image J looks like this for each fibre population:

Fibre Population Typ 1:

Fibre - Size - Area - **CENSORED**
Fibre 1 60mm, 60mm2
Fibre 2 70mm, 50mm2
Fibre 3 45mm, 45mm2

same area, Fibre Population Typ2A:
Fibre - Size - Area - **CENSORED**
Fibre 1 55mm, 60mm2
Fibre 2 74mm, 50mm2
Fibre 3 45mm, 45mm2

ImageJ is also capable of summarizing the data in the end. But I want to export the raw-data to SPSS, in order to calculate median and mean there.

Idea for spss table:
patient - age - size fibre 1 typ 1- area fibre 1 typ1 - size fibre 2 typ1 - area fibre 2 typ1- size fibre 3 typ1- area fibre 3 typ1 - size fibre 1 typ2a - area fibre 1 type2a - size fibre 2 type2a - area fibre 2 type 2a - size fibre 2 type2a - size fibre 3 type2a - area fibre 3 type 2a-

You can see, that this will create confusion when thinking of being more that 300 fibres involved, especially because data is required from three diffrent areas per stainng for statistical reasons.

Is there a more elegant way to add these values to SPSS, for instance by using different data sets per patient? How can I add these values to SPSS?

I hope you understand my problem.

Cheers for you help

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