Log-linear analysis: help on interpreting some of the output

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Log-linear analysis: help on interpreting some of the output

Postby gianmarco » Tue Oct 15, 2013 7:09 am

I am making my first steps in log-linear analysis. I am at a very basic level, so sorry for any error on my part as far as the terminology and/or intepretation is concerned.

I would like to analyze a three ways contingency table, with the aim to explore the relation between three categorical variables:
v63: community size (3 levels: <50, 50-199, >200)
v767: conflicts in local communities (3 levels: Rare, Moderate, High)
v769: conflict management (2 levels: Informal, Formal)

Among the various SPSS outputs, I have focused on (see attached picts):

1) the goodness of fit table (pict 1): which, if I am not mistaken, should inform about the "validity" of the model. Since it is NOT significant, the hypothesis of a significant departure between the observed data and the model can be rejected (=the model fit the data). So, in my case, there should be a good fit between model and data.

2) the tables in the attached pict 2. If I am not wrong, the analysis is indicating (upper table) that there is a significant two-way (K=2) interaction(s) somewhere in the data. These can be located (lower table) in the association between v63 and v769, v63 and v767. (significant=their removal would have a dentrimental effect on the model).

Now, I would like to have some guidance on the interpretation of the attached pict 3 and 4, and on what conclusions can be drawn from the analysis.
I guess that the analsis have eliminated the interactions that does not add a significant improvement to the model (pict 4), and that the analysis is eventually suggesting the most important (?) interaction(s) (pict 3).
But I would have more info from you on my (possibly wrong) understanding.

Besides, is there any follow-up analysis to perform?

Thanks for any suggestion you will kindly provide, and thanks for your attention.
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