Manipulate columns in CTABLES

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Manipulate columns in CTABLES

Postby mwulfe » Wed Sep 03, 2014 4:35 pm

My general question is, how can I subtract the values in CTABLE columns and put the results in another column?

I need to compute an additional column in an SPSS 19 CTABLE based on the results of existing columns. Right now the rows are based on this code:

layer [c] > (SmallChild[c][ROWPCT.TOTALN f8.1] + TotalSC[s][MEAN F8.1])

SmallChild currently has 2 computed columns. I need to compute a third column containing the values in the means column of TotalSC minus the 2 existing columns of SmallChild.

Can CTABLES do this? If so, how?


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