Setting default font size for Output

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Setting default font size for Output

Postby blindtoad87 » Fri Sep 26, 2014 6:19 pm

-Visually impaired
-How do I set default font size for output?

I can, table by bloody table, edit the font size of outputed items. However, this is frustrating and time consuming. Plus, more time spent staring at a computer screen means developing a bigger headache from strain. Instead, how could I set the default font size? The closest I've found is through Edit>Options>Pivot Tables>Table Look> Large Font.
Unfortunately, large font is only insignificantly larger.
Alternatively, table by table, I can double click on tables> right click on a cell> Table Properties > Text> and select font size.

Both of these methods are frustratingly slow.

I am using SPSS for a research methods course in psychology. I plan to attend graduate school, so this isn't just something I can endure through a semester of. Sadly, I feel I would really love SPSS, were I able to see the danged thing better.

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